100% rural electrification is not enough

100% rural electrification is not enough

It is highly likely that the Central government declares that all houses in India have electricity connections. As per the latest reports on the Saubhagya website, only around 20,000 households in Chhattisgarh remain to be connected.

But while we celebrate, it is also necessary to register that this is just a good beginning. The connection challenge may have been met, but the supply challenge remains. To improve the quality of life and to aid economic activities, it is essential to ensure affordable, reliable electricity supply.

This has largely been neglected in the rush to reach household connection and village electrification milestones. Supply is managed by cash-strapped distribution companies which have no financial incentive to supply to the rural poor.

A supply-focussed rural electrification drive is required to overcome this problem. This drive is necessary to accelerate the transition away from the current poor levels of supply and service.  Read More

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