100kmph speed cap on EPE? Govt to take a call

100kmph speed cap on EPE? Govt to take a call

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is mulling reduction in the maximum speed limit of the Eastern Peripheral Expressway(EPE) at 100 kmph for cars and 80 kmph for trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Sources said this proposal is being considered to put a check on speed demons and a host of measures are being taken to guide travellers such as increasing the number of signage at interchanges.

Though the road transport ministry recently revised the maximum speed limit on expressways from the earlier 100 kmph to 120 kmph, the local authorities can fix a lower limit keeping in mind safety issues. For example, the maximum speed allowed on Mumbai-Pune expressway is still 80 kmph.

NHAI sources said the process of installing pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras has started, which will be fixed at every two kilometre interval to record violations. “The lanes will also be painted as an indication to drivers which vehicles are allowed on the stretch. Read More

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