11 Lakh People Stole From Railways In 2016

11 Lakh People Stole From Railways In 2016

The Indian Railways, it seems, is a veritable cave of treasures for robbers of all hues. From copper wires to iron bolts, towels to wash basin, blankets to faucets, nothing was spared.

It was a busy year for the Railway Protection Force, which arrested over 11 lakh people across the country for stealing components from railway tracks and infrastructure in 2016. Maharashtra led in the number of arrests at 2.23 lakh, followed by UP with 1.22 lakh nabs.

RPF personnel caught these people stealing pandrol clips, fishplates, bolts, overhead wires, rails, bathroom fittings in train coaches, and even tubelights, fan, hand towels and blankets from AC coaches. Madhya Pradesh saw 98,594 arrests, while Tamil Nadu 81,408 and Gujarat 77,047, rounding up the top five states with this dubious distinction. Read More…

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