At 2,000 tons, Delhi’s largest waste-to-energy plant set to start operations soon

At 2,000 tons, Delhi’s largest waste-to-energy plant set to start operations soon

Five years is a long time to provide a sustainable waste processing solution, but it has been that long since Delhi has been waiting for a waste-to-energy plant. But now, according to The Economic Times, the wait may finally be over with the Narela plant due to start in March. While the city already has two waste-to-energy plants in Okhla and Ghazipur, their capacity is just half of what Narela’s expected to be. As, once operational it would process 2,000 tonnes of waste per day to generate 24MW of energy, which could power Civil Lines and Rohini zone. Although that is a remarkable feat, the plant will have to first clear the Delhi Pollution Control Committee standards before it could be started.

While we celebrate the dawn of urbanisation in India, there has been little attention towards the problems that it comes with. And one of the ill-effects of increased urbanisation has been the mounds of garbage you see accumulated at city outskirts across India. Although waste generation in India is lower than low income countries, it is the processing of waste that has not kept pace with waste generation.

In fact, of the total municipal waste generated in the country, only 83% gets collected, and even from that a mere 29% is processed further exacerbating the problem and the situation is no better in metro’s where most of the budget is spent on transportation of waste than its processing. Though waste-to-energy plants offer a viable solution, they have been criticised over the amount of pollution they create as they tend to release harmful gases. With Okhla plant already running into such problems, hopefully Narela one would be a green solution and not a greenwash. Read More…

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