27km open-door run conscious call: Calcutta Metro

27km open-door run conscious call: Calcutta Metro

An AC Metro train with passengers on board ran its full stretch from Dum Dum to Kavi Subhash (New Garia) with one of its doors wide open on Wednesday morning.

Metro’s insurance against any possible accident — a Railway Protection Force jawan and an employee to man the gate and “supervise passengers” on the entire stretch.

The train started from Dum Dum around 10.40am, after the motorman and the guard tried in vain for 15 minutes to manually close the door in the fifth coach. After completing its 27km journey, the train was taken to the depot at New Garia. It did not make any more trips for the day, a Metro official said.

According to the safety checks in place, a Metro is not supposed to start unless all doors close. The Metro official said the affected door was “isolated from the system” to start the train. Read  More

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