3 Central Railways stations go green to save energy

3 Central Railways stations go green to save energy

Energy conservation has become the Indian Railways’ ‘Mission Area’ in recent times, and as part of its efforts, three stations belonging to the Mumbai division of the Central Railways have adopted energy conservation techniques.

Asangaon station of the Central Railway has the distinction of being the second station on Indian Railways to become a ‘Green Station’, where all the energy needs are met by solar and wind ill generated power. It was followed by Jumapatti, Waterpipe, Aman Lodge and Matheran become energy independent.

Now Roha, Pen and Apta stations of Central Railway have also become green stations, thereby saving precious energy. The power requirements at these stations are now met by solar and windmill generated green energy.

Roha station has 15 kWp solar power panels generating around 65-80 kWh power daily. Earlier, the electrical load of Roha station was 21 kW while the present load is only 11.81 kW Read More

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