4 projects worthing Rs 258 crore approved in Chennai

4 projects worthing Rs 258 crore approved in Chennai

On Wednesday the Chennai Smart City Ltd board held a meeting for four projects which were approved. A five-tonne biogas plant that would use water hyacinth to produce fuel, and electricity subsequently.

Projects which were worth Rs 258 crore have been cleared in the meeting. More than 613 acres of water hyacinth spread across water bodies in the city will feed the biogas plant, to be set up at Rs 3 crore, said sources. “It will not only help generate biogas and electricity, but also help manage our water bodies,” said an official from CSCL.

Water hyacinth which will be removed from the water bodies will be crushed and supplied to the plant, which will produce 5 tonnes of biogas every day, said officials. While the larger plan is to use the gas for power production, a source said biogas can also be used for Amma canteens, as fuel.

Among the other important projects cleared were the 24×7 piped water supply in T Nagar area under area-based development and the construction of missing links to stormwater drains in the shopping hub. Read More

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