50% progress In India-Nepal Petro pipeline

50% progress In India-Nepal Petro pipeline

As work to develop an underground network to bring petroleum products from Raxual in India to Amlekhgunj in Nepal intensifies, the installation of petroleum pipelines has witnessed a fifty per cent progress so far.

Under the petroleum pipeline project of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC), there will be a 37.35 kilometres Raxual-Amlekhgunj gas pipeline. So far installation works on a 19-km distance have been completed on the Nepal side.
Project chief Bhanubhakta Khanal said the NOC had already been granted permission from the Forest Ministry to remove trees remaining on the pipeline installation route. The Nepal Timber Corporation will cut such trees and the NOC will compensate the Ministry for the loss.

A total of 5,888 trees on an area covered by the Parse Wildlife Reserve need to be chopped to clear the way for the installation of pipeline. The project covers 10-km forest area belonging to the reserve. The project had begun in last April. Read More

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