6-member NHPC Team For Polavaram Dam Site Today

6-member NHPC Team For Polavaram Dam Site Today

An expert team from the National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) will be visiting the Polavaram dam site on Tuesday to make two important recommendations to the Union Water Resources Ministry.

The team, comprising six members, will make a study to see if there is a possibility to integrate the cofferdam being built upstream with the Earth-cum-Rock-Filled (ECRF) dam or as an alternative to do away with the building of the cofferdam by building the ECRF dam to ‘safety level’ in one season (that is before the floods in the Godavari river).

The Central Ministry of Water Resources has written to the NHPC to explore the feasibility of integrating the cofferdam built upstream with the main dam so that there is a reduction in cost. It has also asked the team to explore if it is possible to build the ECRF dam without the help of a cofferdam. Read More…

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