7-hour Traffic Closure Throws Rail Service Off Track

7-hour Traffic Closure Throws Rail Service Off Track

Confusion prevailed at Ludhiana railway station on Tuesday after the northern railway authorities decided to close the Ludhiana-Ambala section for seven hours in order to construct subways at two spots. The move led to delay of all Ludhiana-bound trains.

The rail traffic was closed at 11am and went till 6pm.

Several long route trains were diverted through Chandigarh to clear the rush on the busy section. Almost every train arrived with a minimum delay of five to six hours.

Most of the premium trains — Shatabdis, Duronto Express and Rajdhani — also arrived in city after a delay of several hours.

Fog also added to the delay of trains. Trains coming from West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra were running late by more than 10 to 12 hours. Read More…

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