Adani, Essar And Tata Caught In The Political Crossfire

Adani, Essar And Tata Caught In The Political Crossfire

The Congress recently alleged that the BJP government in Gujarat had let four private companies -Adani, ESSAR, Tata and China Light Power – to “squander” Rs 26,000 crore of the public exchequer. The Opposition claimed that the ruling party had purchased electricity from these four companies at “unimaginably high rates” in a “huge power purchase scam”.

The party alleged: “the culture of crony capitalism perpetuated, propagated and promoted by the BJP government can be gauged from the fact that in the last three years alone, the BJP government purchased electricity worth Rs 26,195 crore from the four companies”.

But there may a lot more than meets the eye in Gujarat’s power sector. There is a good chance that these conglomerates were dragged into the controversy without due fact-checking. The Adani Group issued an official statement to clear the air around electricity rates. The actual average rate of power supply to Gujarat utility for the last four years has been ‘very attractive at Rs 2.65 per unit (kwh)’. Read More…

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