How AI could make Indian Railways safer

How AI could make Indian Railways safer

Artificial intelligence (AI) that can diagnose the condition of rail tracks will be used by the railways to prepare a repair and replacement calendar and improve punctuality of trains, according to an official.

In India, unplanned track maintenance work is often cited as a reason why train operations descend into chaos. Use of AI, the official said, will ensure that at least 90% of trains run on time as routine maintenance work would be planned in advance on the basis of the AI-aided calendar.

All large maintenance blocks will be taken up only on Sundays to minimise the impact of train delays, the official said, adding that the national transporter is already procuring automatic track detection machines which, through AI, can predict the life of tracks and track joints. The move is also seen substantially reducing the number of train accidents.

“Through this, we’ll be able to do regular repair and maintenance in a planned way. Instead of doing it at the last minute,” the official said. “Also, passengers would know in advance that the train they are boarding would be delayed on certain days.” Read More

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