All You Need To Know About Insurance For Electric Cars

All You Need To Know About Insurance For Electric Cars

Increasing pollution levels, enhanced governmental push, increasing awareness and technological advancement has put the focus back on electric cars. In fact, a report by ASSOCHAM and EY predicts that the Indian electric vehicle market will register a double-digit growth in sales volume by 2020. The launch of 28 market ready electronic vehicles (EVs) by automotive giants during AutoExpo 2018 further reinforces the findings of the report.

As the market changes and consumer preferences evolve, EVs are no longer just an idea in the minds of car buyers. It is a strong possibility that you also explore the option of purchasing an electric vehicle in the times to come. Before you do so, it is important to know that while as a consumer you have multiple electric vehicle variants to choose from, but when it comes to insuring an electric vehicle in India, the choices are limited for now.

Under the circumstances, it is important for you to know the intricacies involved when buying insurance for your electric car so that you leverage the situation to your benefit and buy the best available product for yourself. Read More

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