AP Discoms Need Rs 34,000 Crore This Year

AP Discoms Need Rs 34,000 Crore This Year

The Discoms pegged their Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR) for 2018-19 at Rs 33,466 crore and projected total revenue at current tariffs,  including non-tariff income of Rs 25,483 crore.

The revenue deficit at current tariff is Rs 7,983 crore.  The Average Cost of Supply (CoS) is Rs 6.14 per unit (hike by I0.7 per cent over that approved in 2017-18), average revenue realization at current tariffs is ` 4.67 per unit leaving a gap of Rs 1.46 per unit.

Energy availability from all sources (66,173 MU) – energy requirement (61,543 MU), and energy surplus (4,630 MU).

The sale of surplus energy is 3,100 MU (only in certain months of the year with a margin of 0.56 /unit).  Read More…

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