Ashok Leyland Announces Strategic Partnership With Sun Mobility For Electric Mobility

Ashok Leyland Announces Strategic Partnership With Sun Mobility For Electric Mobility

Ashok Leyland, the Chennai-headquartered flagship company of the Hinduja Group, today announced it has launched a strategic alliance for electric mobility solutions with SUN Mobility, promoted by Chetan Maini, founder of Reva and Uday Khemka, Vice Chairman of the SUN Group.

“This global partnership between Ashok Leyland and SUN Mobility will leverage India’s innovation and engineering potential to develop truly world class electric mobility solutions,” the two firms said in a joint statement issued today.

Commenting on the partnership, Maini said as part of the alliance, Sun Mobility will deploy an integrated ecosystem of electric mobility solutions comprising Ashok Leyland’s electric vehicles and the proprietary smart batteries of Sun Mobility along with a network of quick interchange battery stations. “This partnership will help the nation move masses via an efficient, pollution-free and cost-competitive solution for electric mobility,” Maini said.

Ashok Leyland has a major presence in electric buses and hybrid buses using both CNG and diesel, including those that do not require a plug-in. SUN Mobility plans to become a leading provider of universal energy infrastructure and services to accelerate mass electric vehicle usage. SUN Mobility’s quick interchange battery stations, predominantly powered by renewable energy, are expected to refuel electric vehicles at lower cost and faster speed than conventional diesel and petrol pumps.

“Today’s partnership with Sun Mobility is yet another step towards bringing world-class solutions to India, developed in India, and by Indians. We are proud of this partnership and hope to bring several new innovative products to the market at the earliest,” Vinod K Dasari, CEO & Managing Director at Ashok Leyland said.

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He also said Ashok Leyland was the first and only manufacturer to achieve BSIII emission compliance using a mechanical fuel pump and was also the first in India to develop a SCR-based BSIV solution in 2010. “In 2017, we were the world’s first and only company to develop an EGR-based BSIV solution, called iEGR. This latest innovation is performing extremely well and we are expanding our capacity to meet customer demand on our iEGR vehicle solution,” Dasari said.

SUN Mobility is an equal joint venture between Virya Mobility 5.0 and SUN New Energy Systems, operating in the areas of electric mobility and clean energy. The company said it will partner with multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate its smart battery solution into a range of electric vehicles including cars, buses, rickshaws and scooters. The company said the smart batteries will be modular, easily swappable, highly secure, IOT-enabled and can be easily refuelled on a pay-as-you go basis.

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