Australia India Centre Of Excellence For Mining Training Set Up In Dhanbad

Australia India Centre Of Excellence For Mining Training Set Up In Dhanbad

The Australian Government in partnership with Indian School of Mines, Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad has recently set up the Australia India Centre of Excellence for Mining Training in the Indian School of Mines, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Dhanbad. The centre will train executives, engineers, technicians on operating mines in India with a focus on mine efficiency, productivity and safety. It will have a simulated virtual reality mine to provide training for all types of mines, a statement issued by the Australian Trade & Investment Commission (Austrade) said.

As part of the ongoing Australia Business Week in India 2017 (ABWI) organised by Austrade, a 20-member Australian mining equipment technologies and solutions (METS) delegation visited Kolkata on Thursday to explore opportunities in offering Australian mining equipment technologies and services for the mining sector in India. The delegation is a part of the 150 member Australian business delegation that is currently in India as part of ABWI.

The 20-member delegation met with senior officials from Coal India, S&T Mining Company and other leading mining companies in Eastern India to gain an understanding of the mining projects and the opportunities for potential Australian involvement in the mining projects in the region.

Focusing on the recently established Australia India Centre of Excellence for Mining Training at Dhanbad, a session on mining education and skills was also organised in the city on Thursday. Prof R M Bhattacharjee, Professor, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, R.P. Ritolia, Adviser, Swambhu Resources and former Chairman, Central Coalfields Limited and Sourav Daspatnaik, CEO, Swach Environment participated in the session along with the METS delegation.

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Tim Martin, Trade Commissioner, Australian Trade & Investment Commission, Australian Government said, “Australia offers innovative mining equipment, technology and services (METS) that can help India meet ambitious new production targets and stricter safety, quality, environmental and water management regulations.”

Australia has significant expertise in mining equipment and supplies particularly in exploration equipment and underground and above-ground mining equipment and vehicles. It also offers safety solutions for open-cut and underground mines and throughout all stages of the mine life cycle including construction, communication, extraction, processing and maintenance, with 60% of the world’s mining computer software being developed in Australia. It also has a global reputation for excellence in providing education and training to the mining sector with programs and courses linked closely to industry.

More signficant, the Australian mining industry invests around A$2.8 billion in R&D every year at the organisational level, across government agencies and in the university sector. This opens up opportunities for Indian firms to collaborate with Australian academic, government and commercial firms on R&D activities, the statement added. Read more

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