Aviation to become part of multi-modal logistics hubs: Nitin Gadkari

Aviation to become part of multi-modal logistics hubs: Nitin Gadkari

Aviation sector will now be a part of multi-modal logistics hubs in India to promote holistic logistics solutions, union minister Nitin Gadkari said today.

So far, highways, ports, inland waterways and railways were part of the multi-modal logistics hubs in India.

Development of integrated logistics solutions will be part of Prime Minister’s Flagship ‘Make in India’ programme.

“Government will bring aviation sector this time into multi-modal hubs as it has huge potential in the logistic sector also,” road transport, highways and shipping minister Gadkari said at a curtain-raiser event on India’s first Integrated Transport and Logistic Summit on May 3-5.

The summit is expected to attract investments to the tune of Rs 50,000 crore, he said.

The minister said that to transforming India’s logistics from a point-to-point model to hub-and-spoke model is an effort to reduce logistics cost and ensure that multi-modal infrastructure comes up in the country in an integrated manner.

India is a growing economy and the high cost of logistics — currently at 14 per cent of GDP — is having a negative effect, he said.

The minister also said that the government is committed to connect centres of high economic activity into corridors.

“Forty four economic corridors along with numerous feeder routes and inter corridor routes requiring consistent four lane infrastructure covering 55,000 km has been identified,” he said. Read More…

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