Badarpur plant to resume operations today

Badarpur plant to resume operations today

The Badarpur power plant is set to reopen on Wednesday after four months. It was shut down following a severe smog episode on November 5 and 6 last year. However, Greenpeace India campaigners said that the plant might as well remain shut as it was “inefficient” and causing “pollution”.

Greenpeace India, in a note, also highlighted that power from the thermal power station was costlier than the rate available from the central grid. Recent annual generation target released by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) said that 2,000 million units (MU) should be generated from the Badarpur power plant. However, the average production is only around 1,703.15 MU between April and December 2016.

Researchers said this highlighted that the total power load factor ( PLF — measure of capacity utilisation) was only 36.60% if all five units (705 MW) of the Badarpur power plant were running and 54% if only two units of 420 MW were running. “CEA recommends that a power station should run at a PLF of 85% for optimal utilisation of its capacity…a recent study by IIT-Kanpur (source apportionment) articulated the need to reduce emissions from thermal power plants as far as 300km from Delhi,” the note said. Read More…



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