Bailey Bridges To Be Installed At Stations

Bailey Bridges To Be Installed At Stations

Bailey bridges, which are pre-fabricated and easy-to-assemble, will be installed at the Elphinstone, Currey Road and Ambivili railway stations. The bridge, which is named after William Bailey, a British engineer in pre-Independence India, will be made ready to use for commuters in record time.

The Bailey bridge building technology was also used to build the highest bridge on the highest road built on the Himalayan ridge in Ladakh. It is used in the frontier by the Indian Army and is popular due to its utility and the fact that it can be used as a temporary bridge for the army to transport tanks and men forward during war.

Railway officials have said that the bridge will come in a pre-fabricated form of 10-feet sections, making the process easy for railways. According to an official, “The combination of technology that quickens the building of such bridges along with the fact that the Army, unlike other contractors doesn’t need to acquire materials as they already have it, will help in raising these structures within the designated time easily.” Read More…

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