BBMB Commissions Units Of Ganguwal And Kotla Power Houses

BBMB Commissions Units Of Ganguwal And Kotla Power Houses

BBMB has successfully commissioned unit 2 of Ganguwal powerhouse and unit 3 of Kotla powerhouse on 23.11.2017 and 4.12.2017 respectively, after replacement of damaged runner with a new one having modified and modernised design. BHEL is the supplier and designer of new units installed capacity of each unit is 24.2 MW.

These units were under shut-down due to damage of their Runner Blades w.e.f. 16.9.2013 and 2.8.2013 respectively. Delay in the commissioning of these units was being envisaged due to problems in engaging sub-contractor by BHEL. To restrict the delay, Chairman, BBMB, took up the issue with top management of M/s BHEL to expedite commissioning of these units. Accordingly, senior engineers from BBMB were deputed to supplier’s premises for on the spot discussion and resolving the issue.

With the commissioning of these units, partners of BBMB viz states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, H.P. and UT Chandigarh will be benefitted by the additional, green, renewable and low-cost energy of about 11.60 LU per day.

These powerhouses were commissioned in the year 1955-56. Each powerhouse is having 3 No. units and the installed capacity of Ganguwal Power House is 76.39 MW and that of Kotla Power House is 77.34 MW. Being very old powerhouses, the proposal for Renovation, Modernization & Uprating of these Power Houses were got approved from the Central Electricity Authority.

Chairman, BBMB congratulated BBMB team for successful commissioning of these units and expressed gratitude to BHEL for their efforts in commissioning of these units after their renovation and modernization. Read More

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