Best Of 2017: Powering New-Age Cities With Solar Power

Best Of 2017: Powering New-Age Cities With Solar Power

There’s now a constant buzz around the solar sector in India. The government’s intention to build 56 solar cities in the country and using the sun to power homes is adding to the excitement. However, there are bound to be challenges since modern urban areas are power guzzlers and there will be space constraints when it comes to installing solar systems. To enable the installation of more solar panels within cities, where power generated can be consumed directly, innovations like the MWS SmarTree appear a viable option.

“With the concept of smart cities being promulgated by policy makers, we recognised that solar will emerge as the most critical component in the success of these programmes,” Siddharth Malik, CEO of Megawatt Solutions, told

Conventional photovoltaic (PV) installations need a large installation area and have relatively lower output in units per kilowatt (kW). These are further highlighted when solar is adopted for urban areas, since land is at a premium and there is a need to ensure high output from a given installation that also blends with the urban architecture and landscape. Read More…

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