Burning Mumbai refinery unit has 72 tons of fuel

Burning Mumbai refinery unit has 72 tons of fuel

There was a blast and fire in a hydrocarbon plant containing 72 tons of fuel used for diesel generation,” said chi ef fire officer Prabhat Rahangdale on Wednesday evening, commenting on firefighting operations at the Mahul BPCL refinery. “The explosion at the hydrocracker plant caused damage to nearby plants.

Around 10 fixed firefighting installations of BPCL and several fire tenders from the fire brigade were in operation for dousing the blaze.” He said all plants in the complex have been depressured and shut down for safety and fuel in the affected plant has been kept under “control burning process” till the stock is exhausted.

The BPCL said in a media statement, “The fire occurred around 2.45pm in the compressor shed of (the refinery’s) hydrocracker plant. It was initially fought by the refinery’s firefighting team before the Mumbai fire brigade arrived. The injured were attended to at our refinery medical centre, before being taken to hospital.”

As per the statement, the hydrocracker unit has been shut down while the other units in the complex are normal. “No product shortage is envisaged on account of the fire.” Read More

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