‘Buy’ Indraprastha Gas: No near-term impact of Delhi move

‘Buy’ Indraprastha Gas: No near-term impact of Delhi move

On March 2, the Delhi government approved the addition of 1k electric buses in 2019. This may have limited near-term impact as no government CNG buses had been added in the past

5-6 years in any case. However, if this first phase is successful and EVs gather the momentum to affect other segments (eg: private buses, auto rickshaws), this could affect IGL’s CNG volumes in the longer term.

Background: A draft version of the Delhi Electric vehicle policy, published on 27 Nov, 2018, aimed to set out a framework for the adoption of electric vehicles in public transport in Delhi.

The immediate target was the introduction of 1,000 electric buses in 2019. The next target is for electric buses to constitute 50% of DTC buses by 2023. Read More

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