Canada Discusses Uranium And Nuclear Energy Collaboration With India

Canada Discusses Uranium And Nuclear Energy Collaboration With India

A high-level Canadian delegation comprising Mr Brian Parrott from the High Commission of Canada and Mr James A. Dovchuk, President, Cameco called on the Union Minister of Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh here and discussed with him various aspects of uranium and nuclear/atomic energy collaboration with India. They acknowledged and complimented the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India for having distinguished itself as an internationally known Uranium and nuclear/atomic energy establishment.

Dr Jitendra Singh referred to traditional friendly relations between India and Canada which, he said, made it far more comfortable and easy for the two nations to collaborate at different levels and in different areas. He expressed the hope that in future, the overall collaboration between the two nations is bound to gain more momentum and this will also be visible in the field of nuclear/atomic energy.

Reiterating India’s commitment for use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, Dr Jitendra Singh referred to the extension of the atomic energy applications to diverse areas in recent years. He said, not only is the nuclear energy emerging as one of the most important and clean sources to meet the rising energy needs of India, but is now also being utilized for other socially relevant purposes like, for example irradiation of agricultural and food products, etc.

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