Cancelled, Diverted Trains Derail Travel Plans, Budget

Cancelled, Diverted Trains Derail Travel Plans, Budget

As many as 110 trains were cancelled, terminated or diverted in the last two months and the situation has not improved. Those who made reservations for journey are facing hardships on finding no alternative trains. The trains affected include Rajdhani Express, Gareeb Nawaz Express, Sapt Kranti Express, Jammu Tawi-Guwahati Express, Amritsar-Dibrugarh Express, Mahananda Express, Avadh Assam Express, Garibrath Express and some more. Some of the trains were cancelled because of flooded tracks, while others were affected because of maintenance and repair of tracks.

“My brother’s marriage is on September 17 and had made reservation for journeyto Katihar on September 16 by the weekly Amritsar Dibrugarh Express but the train has been cancelled. I have now paid Rs 15,000 to book a taxi,” said Ameer Khan.

Cancellation of Brahmaputra Mail has put financial burden on Riyaz Raza, who came to Charbagh to look for another option for travel to Delhi. “I had booked six tickets to Delhi a month in advance and now the train is cancelled. I will now have to spend Rs 20,000 on air tickets,” he said. Read More…

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