Central Pollution Control Board proposes buffer zones around landfill sites

Central Pollution Control Board proposes buffer zones around landfill sites

To prevent people living in areas around landfill sites from impact of high pollution from them, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has now proposed guidelines to keep and maintain a buffer zone around them.

The current solid waste management practice in India envisages different treatment technologies followed by disposal of garbage in secured landfill sites.

Composting, vermin-composting, biogas, refuse derived fuel (RDF), pelletization, waste-to-energy measures are some of the ways that are being attempted to deal with huge amount of solid waste disposal.

“Disposal of wastes in landfills is the least preferred management as it impacts on the surrounding environment. Landfill sites encompass waste processing/disposal facilities, which become sources of pollution in terms of air, water, land and noise pollution besides emitting foul smell. Therefore, provision of buffer zone around these facilities is essentially required to prevent people living in the surrounding from exposure/impacts of such pollutants,” said the draft guidelines issued by CPCB last week.

The draft guideline, titled For Maintaining Buffer Around Waste Processing and Disposal Facilities, explained that buffer zone also acts as barrier, absorber and to some extent as remedial measures against the fugitive emissions of pollutants observed during handling of waste, storage, transportation and movements of traffics. Read More…

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