Central and Western Railways to re-position 210 CCTV Cameras

Central and Western Railways to re-position 210 CCTV Cameras

210 station cameras do not capture useful footage as their view is obstructed or they are not looking in right direction. They are now being re-positioned A review of video surveillance at railway stations has painted a grim picture: over 200 cameras are positioned so badly that they do not record any useful footage for security officials.

Some cameras are fixed so close to tube lights that the glare blanks them out. Some have been installed so high that they don’t capture commuters’ movements at station entrances and exits. Many others are simply not looking in the right direction. Even if any footage is recorded, faces are not visible, which defeats the surveillance effort.

The bid to secure women’s compartments through platform cameras has also suffered because of bad placement. Now, authorities have decided to re-position or relocate 210 cameras on the suburban train networks. Seventy are located at Western Railway’s stations and 140 at Central Railway’s stations. Read More

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