Centre allots additional 140 MW power to UT

Centre allots additional 140 MW power to UT

City residents can expect uninterrupted supply of power during summer as the ministry of power has enhanced the unallocated electricity quota, which will help reduce supply losses.

The ministry has enhanced the unallocated quota from 10% to 14%. With the increase in the unallocated quota, UT electricity department will get additional 140 megawatt (MW) of power. The additional power will help the department to meet the peak-hour demand or the period of high consumer demand.

The gap between the projected peak power and available power reaches maximum during the summer season. The electricity department caters to more than 2 lakh consumers with an annual energy consumption of around 1,600 million units (MU).

According to official data, the Chandigarh electricity department is facing peak-hour power shortage of around 130 MW this year. The projected annual average peak demand is 496 MW, while available power is 366 MW. The peak demand in the month of April is 338 MW, while the power available during the period is 226 MW. Similarly, in May, the department would have 283 MW of power against the projected peak demand of 461 MW with a shortfall of 178 MW— the highest in the year. In June, the power available during peak hours is 366 MW against the projected demand of 489 MW. Read More

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