Centre Pushes For New Power Plant At Talcher; Odisha Seems Not So Keen

Centre Pushes For New Power Plant At Talcher; Odisha Seems Not So Keen

The Centre is keen on building a new power plant at Talcher in Odisha and wants the Prime Minister to launch the project later this week, despite the state’s seeming change of heart.

In a letter that conveyed as much, minister of state for power, new and renewable energy RK Singh wrote to Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik on Friday, suggesting the “opportunity not be missed”. Singh also informed the state that its request for swapping of high-tariff power from plants outside the state to those within Odisha could not be acted upon until those buying power from Odisha-based plants surrendered their claims.

The PM is to visit the coal city of Odisha on September 22 during which he will be laying the foundation stone for the revival of a fertiliser plant which is to be resurrected as a coal gasification-based urea facility. NTPC’s power plant a few kilometres away carries a long legacy — having been founded by Jawahar Lal Nehru — and is of emotive and economic importance to the area. As the existing plant will soon be outdated, the Centre is pushing for the construction of a new brownfield plant, Talcher Thermal Power Stage III, for which NTPC recently approved an investment of Rs 9,785 crore. Read more

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