Cerana Foundation report misleading: IOC

Cerana Foundation report misleading: IOC

The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has come out with a strong rebuttal against the community vulnerable assessment report released by a Hyderabad-based Cerana Foundation on the Puthuvype terminal project.

In its statement, IOC said that Cerana Foundation has questioned and trashed the sanctity of Projects & Development India Ltd (PDIL)’s risk analysis report and the wisdom of above statutory authorities who approved the project on the basis of the report.

“It may kindly be noted that the Cerana Foundation is not an accredited consultant of ministry of environment, forests and climate change and is neither competent nor authorized to comment on the veracity and validity of PDIL’s risk analysis, which was subjected to public scrutiny through the public hearing held on Aug 25-26, 2009.Read More

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