Chandigarh: Work starts on Smart Grid

Chandigarh: Work starts on Smart Grid

At last, the UT electricity department has starting working on the Smart Grid project. In the first phase, it has allotted the work for installing 30,000 smart meters in four sectors (29, 31, 47, and 48), six villages (Faida, Ram Darbar, Hallomajra, Raipur Kalan, Makhanmajra, and Daria), and the Industrial Area. These will replace older meters.

Superintending engineer MP Singh said the department had hired Analogics company for Rs 28 crore to carry out the work in four to six months. The department will build a control room in Sector 18 to monitor all consumers. A UT official said: “The smart meters will reduce the problem of tampering to zero.

In case of tripping of the main line, an instant alert will go to the control room. The new system will be beneficial to the department as well as the consumers.” Read more

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