‘Chaos cost’ skews Metro rail economics

‘Chaos cost’ skews Metro rail economics

India could have had more metro rail networks if people followed traffic rules. This is because metro networks cost less if they are built at the same level as roads, quite like trams. But, given the Indian road users’ scant regard for traffic rules, it is unsafe to build rail tracks on the road, say experts.

RITES, which has been the technical consultant of several metro projects in India, is also helping the rollout of a metro project in Mauritius, which will cost much less than what it would have in India.

“We can have metro rail systems at one third the cost, if we were to build the networks at grade (at the same level as roads) where ‘at-grade’ traffic is manageable, instead of building metros in tunnels or over pillars,” Arbind Kumar, former Director, RITES, told BusinessLine. Read More

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