‘Charge’ Is The Key To Change In Electric Vehicle Revolution

‘Charge’ Is The Key To Change In Electric Vehicle Revolution

The stated objective of the government to have 30 per cent electric vehicles (EV) by 2030 is an ambitious target given the current state of the EV ecosystem. Advancements in the EV arena will take its own course, and the government should choose to remain neutral to the various kinds of technologies that are evolving to allow them to run their course.

An increased volume of EVs will perhaps drive technology to evolve faster. The government can, at best, intervene to make it attractive for manufacturers to produce more and consumers to buy more EVs through a combination of tax incentives and subsidies.

However, the most effective state intervention can come by way of facilitating setting up of charging infrastructure, which will form the backbone of any EV revolution.

The charging cost to the end consumer for an EV will have four major components: the electricity tariff, the land cost, the cost of charging infrastructure, and manpower among other miscellany.  Read More

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