CIL’s Talcher Plant Faces Indian Coal Roadblock

CIL’s Talcher Plant Faces Indian Coal Roadblock

The operation of Coal India’s Rs 7,700-crore fertiliser plant at Talcher in Odisha has hit a roadblock: Neither the company nor its partners have the technology needed to run it.

The plant uses the coal gasification process, and has run into trouble for using Indian coal. Compared to the coal available in the global market, which has a maximum of 25 per cent ash content, Indian coal generates 40-46 per cent ash. Hence, it brings down the plant output capacity drastically in a gasification project.

“Petcoke was blended with Indian coal, which brought down the ash content. Nevertheless, it was still 33 per cent, higher than what the usual machinery is tailored to handle,” a source in the know of the development said. He added during the testing phase, the plant’s output capacity dipped to 70 per cent on using this blend. Read More…

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