Climate change: How concerned are CEOs in India?

Climate change: How concerned are CEOs in India?

Over the past few years, extreme weather events have devastated communities across the world. Be it floods, landslides, or wildfires, natural disasters have concerned chief executive officers (CEOs) in India and globally, that a changing environment carries severe market risks.

KPMG’s Global CEO Outlook Report, 2019, too, saw environmental and climate change topping the risk agenda, climbing from its fourth-placed position in 2018. CEOs in India also felt the same way, with 23 per cent of them identifying climate change as one of the top three threats to an organisation’s growth. The other threats being: Return to territorialism and emerging or disruptive technology risk with 17 per cent each.

The future is today, not tomorrow

Organisations have now begun to see the benefits of communicating the importance of sustainability. But, it is the level of engagement (and need) that determines how many resources are committed to it. Read More

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