CNG makes its debut at Rail Wheel Factory

CNG makes its debut at Rail Wheel Factory

Friday marked a red-letter day on the green front for the Rail Wheel Factory (RWF) at Yelahanka as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) made its way to the factory through a pipeline. The switch over from diesel oil used till now to the gas supplied by the Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) would result in huge savings for the factory as well as boost employees’ health. Future plans include extending it to the RWF colonies too, setting a trend for residential supplies.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) to facilitate supply of CNG for 15 years from 2018 was signed on July 20 last year.Partha Jain, General Manager, Project Execution, GAIL, told TNIE, “We began our supply to RWF with 1000 Standard Cubic Metres (SCM) of CNG today. This is just the beginning. The quantity will be gradually increased to 17,000 SCM per day and later to 36,000 SCM per day.”

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