‘Coal will remain the dominant source’

‘Coal will remain the dominant source’

Tell us about your journey since May last year.. To what extent could you fulfil your agenda?

It has been challenging, yet amply satisfying. My aim was to take the production to higher level and increase supplies to consuming segments, especially power sector. The 2018-19 figures bear testimony to our success achieved through a unified, concerted team effort.

Coal India for the first time breached the 600 Million Tonne (MT) production and offset mark, clocking growths of 7% and 4.8% respectively. Coal production was 607 MTs against MoU target of 610 MTs.

We have been able to script a new high in coal-supplies to thermal power plants. Most importantly, as of April 1, 2019, there was not a single coal-fired power plant in critical or supercritical list for want of coal. Read More

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