Coming soon: Faster, more spacious Rajdhani trains

Coming soon: Faster, more spacious Rajdhani trains

With the introduction of twin-engine operation, the Indian Railways will soon be able to add two more passenger coaches to Rajdhani and other air-conditioned express trains besides cutting their travel time by several minutes, two officials familiar with the matter said.

With this system, the electricity required to run the train’s air-conditioning system is sourced from the overhead cable, instead of two power cars currently attached to the train. This will enable the railways to attach two more 3-tier AC coaches to the train, creating space for another 100 plus passengers, the officials explained. Currently, the Rajdhani Express has 22 coaches that can carry 1,200 passengers.

The Research Design and Standards Organisation of the Indian Railways certified the twin-engine operation on express trains on February 7.  Read More

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