Critical focus points for Indian infrastructure

Critical focus points for Indian infrastructure

We are at the midpoint of 2018. The chance to attend an infrastructure conference at this juncture was the perfect opportunity to reflect on, and re-examine, issues confronting the Indian economy.

A bevy of distinguished delegates ideated on the next significant steps to finance Indian infrastructure at the annual meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in Mumbai. There are some critical takeaways from the meeting, allowing us to revisit some interesting themes.

The success of the National Highways Authority of India’s (NHAI) toll-operate-transfer model and the ability of the government to create infrastructure assets effectively once again brought to the fore the advantages and need for “asset recycling” done well.

Attracting long-dated patient capital such as pension funds and insurance companies into greenfield infrastructure projects will be challenging, given that such funds are not adequately equipped to undertake construction risk. Read MOre

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