Crucial Metro Link On Corridor 1 Completed

Crucial Metro Link On Corridor 1 Completed

Hyderabad Metro Rail, announced the successful completion of the 392 feet-long Lakdikapul Rail Over Bridge (ROB) project on Sunday. Thus bridging the only gap in Corridor 1 that runs between Ameerpet and L B Nagar.

According to HMR managing director NVS Reddy, who inspected the ROB works on Sunday, several locational hurdles and space hurdles had to be dodged for the successful completion of the bridge “At Lakdikapul, the tracks of Indian Railways are in a deep cutting (about 26 ft) below the road level and no space was available for laying the foundations and Metro Rail pillars on both sides of the railway track due to presence of a busy road on one side and MMTS station, RR district collectorate building and a private hospital on the other side.

“The area also has hard granite rock and to cut the rock to a depth of 43 ft posed a serious challenge for the engineers. Since the foundations had to be laid adjacent to the busy road with heavy traffic, the deeply dug pits had to be secured with special shoring and shuttering mechanism, consisting of heavy steel beams with extra protection. Read More…

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