Darth Vader Or Not, The Tesla Truck Changes Everything

Darth Vader Or Not, The Tesla Truck Changes Everything

Tesla founder and  CEO Elon Musk has become one of the best known people on the planet through his extraordinary ability to make the future look cool. And created enormous wealth for a company that has still to spin a profit.

But it is with the newly unveiled Tesla truck, with all its Darth Vader comparisons (particularly in darker hues), that Musk has torn down the final frontiers of the campaign against the clean energy transition – cost. And doing that, he has gone to the very heartland of its resistance: the trucking industry.

Like his previous electric cars, the Roadster, the Model S, Model X, and Model 3, Musk has rolled out a product that is smarter, cleaner and safer, as well as aspirational.

What’s not to like about a truck that doesn’t jack-knife, can do 0-100kms in 6 seconds (without load), can go up inclines at a steady 100kms (with load), has a cool centralised driving position, wrap-around armoured glass windows, touch screens, and doesn’t pollute. Read More…

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