Delays in land acquisition stall India-backed projects

Delays in land acquisition stall India-backed projects

Facilitation of Nepal government in acquisition of land for different projects will play a crucial role in ensuring that any project, especially backed by the Indian government, is completed on time, said Vijay Keshav Gokhale, foreign secretary of India while addressing a Nepali media delegation here recently.

Speaking with the press, Gokhale said that many big India-backed projects in Nepal are being delayed due to the lengthy land acquisition process.

“The implementation of many projects gets stalled because the land acquisition process is very tough in Nepal,” he said, adding that the Indian government is committed to completing any project in Nepal within the stipulated timeframe with the coordination of the Nepali government.

“While Nepal government promises to provide the land to build various roads and railways, among other projects, unfortunately it takes a long time.” Read More

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