Delhi can drive the country’s energy transition

Delhi can drive the country’s energy transition

With limited electricity-generating capacity, Delhi imports most of its electricity from neighbouring states. But these states have a high share of coal and gas power plants. Moreover, these power plants are polluting and worsen Delhi’s air pollution crisis.

With band-aid fixes such as the odd-even scheme, ban on crackers, only the symptoms are treated, and not the disease. Delhi, though, has the potential to transition to 100% renewables. Over the next couple of months, a Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) team will look at Delhi’s hourly demand to map a 100% renewable energy transition pathway.

The recent United Nations Global Sustainable Development report finds that the current development model is not sustainable, and the progress made in the last two decades is in danger of being reversed through potentially irreversible declines in the natural environment driven by climate change and worsening social inequalities. Read More

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