Delhi Hikes ‘fixed Charge’ For Hi-end Electricity Users

Delhi Hikes ‘fixed Charge’ For Hi-end Electricity Users

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) on Thursday announced a hike in the “fixed charge” component of the electricity tariff for hi-end users, while maintaining that the usage charges will remain same as before.

The electricity tariff is constituted of two components — fixed charge and energy charge. The fixed charge remains constant irrespective of the energy consumed, while energy charge varies according to the usage.

In a press conference, the authority said that while there is no change in charges for consumers with a connection of 2 kw, consumers with 3,4 and 5 kw connections will have to pay an increased fixed charge of Rs 105, Rs 140, and Rs 175, respectively, as against Rs 100 earlier.

The electricity regulator, on the other hand, reduced the fixed charge for the low-end users having an electricity connection of 1 kw. Such users will now have to pay Rs 20, instead of the earlier charge of Rs 40 earlier, it said.

There is no change in the fixed charge being paid by users with 2 kw connection, who will continue to pay Rs 40 as before.

All the changes are meant for domestic connections and not commercial ones. Read more

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