Delhi Metro’s fight against snags goes to the wire

Delhi Metro’s fight against snags goes to the wire

In one of its most massive infrastructure overhaul in many years, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is upgradingelectrical equipment on the 240 km of elevated corridors in its network. In an effort that will require meticulous work over a period, the company will replace old electrical components with state-of-the-art parts and introduce new safety features to make the system more robust.

DMRC has started this staggering task, which requires thousands of components to be replaced and new features added. DMRC hopes that after the overhaul is completed, stoppages due to technical glitches will go down significantly.

The overhaul work will face the constraint of being carried out during the hours when the trains are not running. “There are only four-five night hours for maintenance,” the DMRC spokesperson said.

“Such complicated maintenance and repair work require meticulous planning and execution, including the transport of the equipment from the stations and depots.” Read More

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