DES A Viable Solution To India’s Ever-growing Energy Demand

DES A Viable Solution To India’s Ever-growing Energy Demand

With the development of modern District Energy System (DES), which offers heating and cooling services through a blend of technologies, India can combat the ever-growing primary energy demand in cities.

According to experts, DES supplies “heating and cooling services by using technologies and approaches such as combined heat and power (CHP), thermal storage, heat pumps, and decentralised energy.” District energy basically creates synergies between the production and supply of heat, cooling, domestic hot water and electricity and can be integrated with municipal systems such as power, sanitation, sewage treatment, transport and waste.

Modern district energy can reduce primary energy consumption for heating and cooling of urban buildings by an impressive 50 per cent. This powerful technology cuts emissions to achieve global climate goals reduces pollution resulting to saving lives and health expenditure, especially considering the present scenario where the air quality is hitting a new low every passing day, enables energy storage and renewable connection such as untapped waste heat recovery, and much more. Read more

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