With Detonators And Whistles, Indian Railways Set To Fix Train Cancellations, Delays

With Detonators And Whistles, Indian Railways Set To Fix Train Cancellations, Delays

Indian Railways has just made a declaration that will make you feel so much better! Railways has taken steps to ensure your journey is safe and you arrive at your destination without encountering delays or even cancelled trains that is a big worry for passengers during winter. Well, winter has already marked its onset and the Indian Railways has announced that it is ready to deal with all hurdles. Railways says it has started its preparation to sustain its operations during the dangerous foggy weather that is in the offing as the cold weather draws a blanket over India. Every year, the public transporter has to cancel several trains and hundreds more face hours of delays due to prevailing foggy conditions especially in the northern region. Much to the relief of passengers, Indian Railways has come out with a solution to this problem.

The East Coast Railway said that it will be using detonators to keep its train running during the foggy season. “Use of Detonators in Foggy weather: Detonators are used in foggy weather or otherwise when visibility is severely impaired, to provide an audible indication to the locomotive crew that the train is approaching a signal,” said the ECR.

The ECR has also listed out steps it will be taking to run its trains smoothly during the season.

* East Coast Railway has geared up its manpower to cope with dense fog during the night and early morning in various Rail Sections under its jurisdiction in areas prone to be affected by fog and precautions have been taken regarding train running during the current winter Season.

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* The loco pilots & guards have been instructed to ensure that, they should put the safety of passengers at top & should run trains at such reduced speed in foggy weather as they may feel confident & comfortable, even if it means loss of punctuality to the train. Read more

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