Discom To Snap Power Connections Of Defaulters

Discom To Snap Power Connections Of Defaulters

DHBVN has decided to disconnect power supply to consumers defaulting on Rs 10,000 and above. Of a total of 2.5 lakh consumers it has in new Gurugram circle, the discom said there over 2,000 who collectively owe Rs 20 crore.

Discom officials told TOI that they were concerned about the increasing number of defaulting consumers. “The number of defaulters is rising by the day. At present, the number of consumers in new Gurugram stand at some 2 .5 lakh.

Out of these, 2,000 are yet to clear their dues,” said KC Aggarwal, superintending engineer, New Gurugram circle. “Since we are already done will supply issues, we have decided to start training our focus on this issue now.” Read more

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