With Donald Trump’s Iran hammer about to fall, who may seek a waiver?

India is the second-biggest importer of Iranian oil is cutting back –- while signaling that it won’t shut down the trade completely. And India isn’t just buying crude from Iran. It’s also preparing to buy missile defenses from Russia, another sanctionable offense in Washington’s eyes.

With Donald Trump’s Iran hammer about to fall, who may seek a waiver?

When it comes to buying Iranian oil, Donald Trump has laid down the law for the world: Don’t do it. Starting next week, the U.S. president will have to decide how to deal with violators.

His unilateral sanctions on oil purchases take effect Nov. 5, and they’re supposed to present the world with a stark choice. “Do business in Iran or in the United States’’ is how Brian Hook, the State Department’s special representative for Iran policy, put it last month.

But despite the hard-line approach, it looks like there will be plenty of countries –- including American allies — either in open violation or seeking waivers. The last time the U.S. imposed similar sanctions, during the Obama administration, China, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan and India won exemptions.

This time around, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo says America expects all oil purchases from Iran to “go to zero’’ but also that the administration will “consider waivers where appropriate.’’ Read More

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