Don’t allow mining in Kappatagudda

Don’t allow mining in Kappatagudda

The controversy and the agitation over the removal of ‘conservation reserve’ forest status given to Kappatagudda in Gadag district of Karnataka is a classic case of private interests trying to trump larger public interest of the state and the sentiments of the people.

Environmentalists and the local people led by Sri Siddalinga Swami of Thontadarya Mutt have launched a series of agitations demanding that the state government restore the conservation reserve tag given to an area of 17,872 hectares of the Kappatagudda forests that had been clandestinely withdrawn last year. Prior to the meeting of the semi-autonomous State Board of Wildlife (SBW), Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had given a clear indication that he would take a ‘favourable’ decision after due consultation. But a powerful mining company, which has begun prospecting for gold in the area, and apparently, having the backing of a section of senior IAS officers, made sure that enough doubts were created in the mind of the chief minister so that the decision was postponed. Read More…


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